Music The Divine Ecstasy ( Ebook )

Pradeep Ullal

A Himalayan Yogi’s guide to absorb purest gifts of life.

  • Author: Pradeep Ullal
  • Publisher: Subbu Publications
  • Book Format: Ebook
  • Pages: 398
  • Category: Articles
  • Language: English

This book inspires true aspirants to extract inherent skills to absorb music through receptive awareness, offers insights of musical maestros, subltest technical details and yogi’s profound experiences. Receptive readers can get absorbed in meditative states and access the energy transmissions that are encoded in the narrative.

Music is the most potent drug ever known, and we truly deserve to extract its essence. Join in the exotic music preview sessions – Nada Brahma at the ‘Kevala Foundation’ in India and ways to explore, experience and elevate through heightened sonic bliss in a natural paradise.


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