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Community Development Case Studies in Asia – A Collection of Contemporary Cases from Social Work Perspective


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Shashidhara Channappa, Nagaraj Naik M


Suvvi Publication

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Social Work



* It focuses on community development case studies in contemporary society with special reference to India, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
* Locates the role and importance of Third sector/NGO’s in social development
* It help readers to understand in critical and comparative perspectives on social development with respect to socio-economic, political and cultural contexts among the Asian countries.
The book aims to throw light upon community development case studies in contemporary society of Asia and emphasises the role of third sector / non-profit organizations as social development front-runners. The chapters in this book attempts to describe the efforts made by NGO’s, approaches adopted in the way of social development, programmes incorporated, individual well-being and their involvement in social development. It also describes various range of social development in the area of Children, specially abled, rural community, population displacement, analysis of National Rural Support Program, child labour and their legal rights, Asset- Based Indigenous Community Development and Buddhist approach to social development. Further, readers will also understand various role and responsibilities that professional social workers and non- professional workers facilitate in the process of social development.