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Avoid Clashes

Dada Bhagwan

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Dada Bhagwan


Dada Bhagwan Foundation

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Avoid Clashes
The clashes in daily life need to be resolved. Why do we want to spoil everything through conflicts? This simply does not suit us. People abide by traffic laws, which are strict regulations. They don’t drive according to their own interpretations, do they? Because they abide by traffic regulations, they are spared from accidents. Likewise, in your daily life you must follow the laws that prevent clashes. Clashes occur because you follow your own laws and interpretations. When people obey the traffic laws there are no difficulties with the way traffic runs. If you apply the same rule with this understanding to your daily interactions, you will never run into difficulties again. The problems arise because of your own limited interpretations of the laws of life. There is a fundamental error in understanding the laws of life. The one who explains these laws must have a thorough experience of these laws. Read further to understand why conflicts occur, what are the types of conflict, how to avoid conflicts in relationships and find remedy for conflict free life which will help transform your mindset into a more positive one. The aim is to fill your life with peace and joy and help anchor you to walk the path of spirituality more firmly and thus attain ultimate liberation (Moksha).