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Brahmacharya : Celibacy

Dada Bhagwan

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Dada Bhagwan


Dada Bhagwan Foundation

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Brahmacharya: Celibacy With Understanding
Do you like to steal? Do you like to tell lies? Do you like to kill? Then what is there in sex that one likes it? It is just due to wrong belief. Others have said that’s why you also believe that sex will lead to bliss, but it’s not the truth. Think neutrally, does any of your senses like it? Do the eyes like it? Do the ears like it when they hear it? And does it taste sweet if the tongue licks it? The nose must really like it right? None of the senses like it. One should identify what are the consequences of sex and what are benefits of practicing celibacy/Brahmacharya. In just one sexual act even with one’s lawful partner, millions of life forms die. And having sex with someone other than one’s own married partner is a cause to go to hell. Everyone agrees that celibacy/brahmacharya should be practiced. But how should it be done? No one has ever shown the way. In this book, you will find a precise and clear road map on how to practice celibacy. People will be shocked to read the horrors of current and future dangers of sexuality and would say, ‘We never knew this!’