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Charles Sobhraj and other stories

Sarjoo Katkar

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Sarjoo Katkar


Kavita Kusugal


Yaji Prakashana

This collection of short stories begins with a story on “Bandigeri Issue”. Bandigeri one of the nondescript villages of Karnataka became a center of focus because of an incident that shook the conscience of the entire State and, perhaps, its reverberations went beyond our boundaries. Siddharth Kamble, a Dalit youth, is the protagonist of this
story, who responds to the tragic incident of five Bandigeri youth being made to eat human excreta, just because they happened to carry a few logs of firewood which were lying in the field belonging to the upper caste people. Siddharth is greatly disturbed by this incident. And he tries to reply in his own fashion in his village to this heart-rending incident elsewhere.