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The Hidden Meaning of Truth and Untruth

Author: Dada Bhagwan
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The book presents PujyaDadashri’s spiritual discourses on absolute and relative truth and the nature of truth.


A lot of people struggle to understand what the truth is, what is right and what is wrong. There is perpetual dilemma to distinguish between right and wrong. According to Dada Bhagwan, the Gnani Purush (the enlightened one), in the worldly life there are three types of truth. One – absolute truth (self) second – relative truth and third – untruth. In this book, Dadashri has discussed the meaning of absolute and relative truth. Absolute truth ‘I’ can never be destroyed, it is eternal. It belongs to the soul (atma). The realization that you are pure soul (shuddha-atma) is eternal, and ultimate truth. Relative truth is what is determined by the people at large. The relative truth may vary from person to person. The relative truth may help us in our development in the relative world, but for real development absolute truth is necessary.

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