Childhood Cancer ( Ebook )

H S Ballal and P D Gupta

This book is written keeping in mind the common man, especially the parent who has to deal not just with the shock of knowing that his child has cancer, but also with the fact that he knows very little about the type of cancer he is dealing with. While there may be a lot of questions arising in his mind regarding the disease, he is ill-equipped to handle the queries all by himself and the treating physician may not have enough time for him. The information which he and others like him need is put down in a lucid and simplified manner in this book.

  • Category: medical
  • Author: H S Ballal and P D Gupta
  • Publisher: Manipal Universal Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-81-922759-5-6
  • Book Format: Ebook


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