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Dada Bhagwan

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Dada Bhagwan


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Pratikraman: Freedom Through Apology & Repentance
Every human makes mistakes against their will. People get trapped in their own mistakes and suffer incessantly. They have an earnest desire to be free from them, find inner happiness and progress toward their liberation. The Tirthankars (fully enlightened ones) and the Gnanis(master of spiritual science) have given this world the only weapon to combat such suffering, and that weapon is the spiritual science of alochana, pratikraman and pratyakhan (alochana – confession of one’s mistake; pratikraman – asking for forgiveness and pratyakhan – firm resolve and determination never to repeat the mistake). Infinite beings have achieved the wealth of liberation through this weapon by destroying the root of the vast tree that grows out of hatred and abhorrence. The Gnani Purush, Dada Bhagwan, has expounded in his spoken words, the science of pratikraman, precisely as it is. His spoken words are to be found in this and many other books; words which will prove invaluable to the aspirant of truth and liberation.