Shadows of the past

They follow me
Where ever I go
Most of the day

They haunt me
Disturbing my privacy
They are attached
Smothering me

But, o sun, the lord
Aren’t you the culprit?
Making me the victim
For all your hide n seek?

Again, is there a day
Without you?
Bright days and
A feeling of life without you?

And there Comes
The clouds, once in a while
Giving a break
From my shadows

Followed by rain
As if to wash away
The dark contour
Feeling of nothing happened

Yet, I yearn for you
O my sun
For the sunshine you bring
And the warmth
No one else can give

there are shadows of
Trees and houses
Giving the coolness
And a relaxing feeling

Shadows that bring
Joy and pleasure
Shadows that a break
To scorching sunlight

Shadows that
Bring relief
Shadows which
Makes me creative

They are part of me
And I am part of them
There is no them without me
And I am here because of them what I am today!


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