The Journey Tread!

I stand here on the road
And look back and watch
The path I have walked

I see the shining asphalted road
With the beautiful curves
Running far and far
Touching the horizon

Beyond a point
There is no visibility
I could recollect the potholes
And the bumpy rides

Ah! Those mud roads
And the slush which
Slowed me down during rains

Some parts, where there
Was no road
And my wanderings
In search of one

I have walked thru these roads with
Bright and sunny days
Rainy and thunderstorm ones
Chill winds and biting cold

Yes, I have come a long way
Have dropped my fears on the way
Picked up courage from side roads
Confident & learned to tread the journey

I explore and experience
The roads and the unpredictability
Enjoy the journey
Not bothering about destination

Learn on the roads
Enjoy the weather
Experience the journey
And tread tread tread..

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