G gap

She was tensed these days. She didn’t know how to tell her daughter about it. Her daughter was growing fast. Every week she looked more beautiful. She could see herself in her daughter. She recalls. It was a Wednesday. They had a white dress on Wednesdays. Wednesdays they had a common PT period. All classes together would do drill. She was too Much into sports. Running, jumping was always fun. She was enjoying the drill when all of a sudden 2 girls started staring at her talking to each other. She knew that it was about her but didn’t know what. They went and got their Miss(teacher). Miss dragged her from the play ground to the class room. She was asking what was the problem? What did she do wrong? Her questions were unanswered. They came to the class room. One of the girl called one more Miss. They were looking at her asking her to turn around as if she had committed a sin. Then one of the teacher asked the girls to get a sweater. She had no clue what was going on. Her questions were yet unanswered. She started fearing. One of the girls got a sweater. Her teacher tied the sweater around her waist and told her she is not well and needs to go home immediately and see her mother. One of the girls would escort her home. She was now totally worried.
‘Ting tong’ bell rang. Her thought process was broken. She looked at the clock thinking who could be at this hour. It was 3pm. She thought it is still 2 more hours for her daughter to return. She opened the door to see her daughter smiling. She asked what’s the matter she is early. her daughter smiled, ‘ Amma.. You know what, I have attained puberty today.. I am no more a kid… ‘. She was awestruck. She continued ‘I got my first period mamma..’ and hugged her. She was thinking all these days on how to convey this to her daughter. A smile crossed her lips… She now knew.. This is called generations gap!

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